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About Edward J. Blum and How We Do Things Differently

You deserve the very best Defense with your own Personal Attorney.

Edward J. Blum Los Angeles DUI LawyerWe provide highly personalized service and skillful, experienced DUI Defense not available anywhere else.

We have been winning DUI cases just like yours for 15 years. We know the Law, we know the Courts and we know how to win.

When you hire us, you are hiring your own personal, experienced DUI Attorney. who will represent you in all phases of the DMV Hearing and Criminal Case.


It is possible to retain your family or business attorney, the guy who wrote your will or incorporated your company, to represent you in your DUI. It is also possible to hire an attorney for as low as $600.

It is possible, but not recommended. Your family or business attorney lacks the expertise to get you the best possible outcome from the criminal court and DMV. The attorney who tells you s/he is a DUI attorney and charges you less than $1000 cannot provide personalized service to you. He has to take a large number of cases in order to justify his low price and s/he cannot give each case the attention it needs to obtain the best result.

We do things differently.

We concentrate on each case with full Attorney representation at each and every phase of the case, working skillfully and diligently to ensure the best possible outcome for you.
We offer highly personalized service, without charging you an arm and a leg to cover our advertising and high profit margins.

We believe this is the way law should always be practiced.

At The Law Office of Edward J. Blum, we charge a reasonable, flat fee based on the specific circumstances of your case. this covers all stages of the Criminal Case up to trial. The flat fee also covers representation at the DMV Hearing where we can make sure you only have to appear once or even not at all, allowing you to return to your family, work and responsibilities.

We find charging a flat fee, instead of charging by the hour, affords our clients peace of mind.

The best way to avoid a Conviction is to make the right choice, right now.

You could also shell out $10,000 to $15,000 to a “Top Flight” big name DUI Attorney. Chances are you’ll never see the name Attorney. Chances are, your case will be handled by whichever overworked associate is available on that date.

Many “Top Flight” firms will charge you an arm and a leg and then assign you to an overworked junior associate. Some firms will charge you an extremely low fee but have to take on so many clients they cannot give your case the attention and due diligence it needs, and that you deserve.

To see what some of our former clients have to say about us, go here.

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