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DUI Penalties

What penalties are facing me?


Jail time.
Fines of up to $1,000 plus Penalty Assessments of 170% ($2,700.00).
3 Year Summary Probation.
Mandatory AB 541 3 Month Drivers Safety Course (at YOUR expense).
Mandatory AA Meetings.
Hospital and Morgues Program.


4 to 5 month Driver’s License Suspension.
3 month Drivers’ Safety Course
Refusal to submit to Chemical Testing can result in One Year Suspension
Subsequent Offense can result in a Suspension of One Year or more


Loss of Work Income $$
Costs associated with DUI School and Classes $$
Increased Auto Insurance Premiums $$
Alternate Transportation Costs $$

It is estimated that a first time DUI conviction can cost you up to $20,000!

Second or Third DUI convictions have additional criminal penalties, such as increased fines, increased license suspension and penalties.

A Fourth DUI will be treated as a Felony.

The circumstances of your arrest, such as your age, whether drugs were involved, whether there was an injury accident, or if you were on probation at the time of the arrest can lead to even more serious DUI penalties and consequences.

If you don’t want to face penalties for something you didn’t do or don’t want to face the harsh DUI penalties alone, call us at (213) 479-5322 or fill out the Client Response Form.

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