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Dissuading a Witness

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Charged with Dissuading a Witness?  You can fight.

Dissuading or Intimidating a Witness involves stopping someone from either: reporting a crime or testifying, after they’ve reported a crime. It can be charged as a Felony (usually where there’s force or threat of force involved) or a Misdemeanor.

These cases are usually initiated by a complaint from the witness that someone has attempted to dissuade or intimidate them. The charges don’t require that the person succeed in dissuading the witness. The cases don’t require that an actual crime have occurred, only that the witness reasonably believed a crime occurred.

Dissuading cases are ripe for litigation, on what amounts to protected First Amendment speech, as opposed to what is a criminal threat to make a person not testify. Clearly, there are some things you can say to a witness that may dissuade them from testifying like, “I don’t think that’s a crime.”

If you are a witness, see my page on Know Your Rights as a Witness for more information about what you can or can’t do, as a witness.

Every Dissuading a Witness case is different. I’ve been successfully defending and developing strategies to successfully defend Dissuading cases for over 17 years.

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