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20 Great Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday

It’s been a long year, you deserve something special.


1. Dunkin Donuts Holiday Donuts -$6.99 a dozen 


They look amazing and taste twice as good as they look! Pick up a dozen or gift yourself a $20 gift card and get an extra five dollar gift card on top of it. You know what that means…More donuts!!

2. Cash Can Keychain -Bespoke Post $26.00

This makes a great little keychain and you can stash yourself an extra twenty or hundred for that emergency that always seems to happen when you only have your phone and your keys in your hand. Like needing a cab. Or spotting your favorite taco truck.

3. Slate Go Mobile Lap Desk – iSkelter $59.95


Seems like we’re always working on our computers or just surfing around. Then it’s always right when you start to get something done or get to the fun part, that you get hot legs. This ergonomic beautiful slate lap desk will keep your legs cool, prop your phone where you can work off of it and help avoid backache too.

4. Laundry Punching Bag – Cool Material $27.96


You are the champion.

  1. Slab Walnut Click Clock – Cool Material $59.96

slab walnut click clock

You deserve a beautiful clock on your nightstand. You’re not plastic, why should you have to look at plastic first thing in the morning.?

  1. Crack Me Open Baby Geodes- Madewell $15


Stress relief pounding it open, sparkly inside and you can display them on your mantle or coffee table later. They’re magical!

  1. $10 a month Theater Pass – Moviepass

movie pass

$10 a month theater pass. This is the future. A movie a day, every day, for an entire year, for only $10 a month. Does life get any better? I doubt it.

  1. Compartes Chocolate for a Cause – Compartes $19.95

comparteschocolate for a cause

This is my favorite chocolate bar. And, of course, it’s an L.A. local company, made with the best ingredients. Plus, you get to help people in Darfur. And the chocolates are so hip. Once you try Compartes, you’re hooked.

  1. Ice Cream Subscription


mcconnells ice cream pint of the month club

I know I don’t have to talk to you into chocolate ice cream! This Coolhaus bundle includes 4 pints and 3 cookie bars and is the best bargain out there. Another local favorite, McConnell’s, has a great subscription service so I’ve included that, as well as Urban Tastebud‘s list of the top five ice cream subscription services.

  1. Camera Lens Mug – Amazon $9.99 – $39.99

Black Camera lens coffee cup

Stop carrying your coffee around in that 7-Eleven mug or the one that somebody gave to you for free when you walked into a conference. Sip in style with this Canon mug. I like the black one but the white ones are great looking too.

  1. Games Room Charades – Amazon $26.95

Game Room Charades

Playing games with our friends is a skill we’re beginning to lose. Play this at your next get together and remember what it’s like to make a fool of yourself and have fun!

  1. Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs or Make Life Your Bitch Adult coloring book




Make Life Your Bitch coloring book

These adult coloring books will help you relieve stress, stay focused and relax when work life gets stressful. Remember how much you love coloring?

Lauren Conrad Bunny Slippers and Mask  $17.99


Comfy comfy comfy.

  1. Sommerland vertical garden- Amazon $39.95

Sommerland Vertical Garden

Beautiful modern design and it makes growing plants easy.

  1. Sleepphones $99.95


Drift off to sleep to your favorite song or soothing meditation app. Sleeping in is the ultimate self-care. You deserve it.

  1. Mini Retro Arcade Game

Mini Arcade Game

For when you’re stuck waiting and you can’t work on your phone or you just need a break.

  1. Tanscendes Under Desk Foot Hammock- Amazon $9.99

Tancendes Foot Hammock

You’ll wonder what you ever did without it. It’s not only great for underneath your desk when you have to sit a long time, it’s also wonderful to take on a plane. This model keeps your feet separated so your ankles don’t slam together

  1. Impossible Project Polaroid Instant Camera – Nordstrom  $99


Indulge the hip secret hipster in yourself and get some great pix stick up around your desk or on your fridge.


  1. QuickClick Salt and Pepper Grinders that dispense with a click – Modernhome $14.99

Quick Click salt and Pepper

One handed! With just a click of your thumb dispense salt-and-pepper, a lifesaver when you’re grilling, even when you have a glass in one hand you can season up your burger.

20.Brook Linen Sheets $99

Brook Linen Sheets

I know, more sleep stuff. But these are really the most comfortable sheets and they’re affordable. Why are you sleeping on scratchy sheets? Sleep better equals feel better.

Remember to take time and  enjoy yourself this holiday!

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