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What Ed’s Client’s Have Said:

  • Mr. Blum is my go-to lawyer for any criminal law related needs.
    Mr. Blum is a true professional and seems to takes his work seriously.
    Not only that, he was very reasonable and flexible with his rates.
    He also handled my matter quickly and efficiently.
    Last but not least, he even answered my calls and texts over the weekend when I had questions to ask regarding my case, which I really appreciated.
    I highly recommend him to anyone!
    -James B.
    James B.
  • Highly Recommend

    Excellent Service. Always answers the phone. Prompt and on time in court and saved me alot of time and money. Went to all my court dates and then some. Gotme extensions on classes and fines numerous times. Highly recommend.

    Gregory M.

    Gregory M.
  • Truly Fantastic

    Truly, truly fantastic service and help.


  • Ed Blum Did the Impossible!!

    Edward Blum did the impossible!! I was facing some pretty staggering charges. DUI, I didn’t expect much, it felt pretty stacked. He promised me a good fight and delivered. Excellent communication throughout the entire process. We beat it!! He saved my life. I’d highly recommend his services.


  • The Best!!

    The best!! Ed does the work. He got my charges significantly reduced and went to almost all my court dates without me having to show up. Takes care of thing you need to take care of and one of the worst things to happen to you will pass and life will go on. Definitely recommend.

    Robert P.
  • Recommend Without Hesitation

    I want to say a special thank you for defending my grandson Keith P__. I know there were times when you could have said, “that’s it.”, but you stayed to defend Keith through to the end and I will always be grateful to you for your tireless work, and work ethic just going beyond the call of duty checking on Keith’s wellbeing… We would recommend you without hesitation.

    Francis D.
  • A Straight Shooter

    Mr. Blum handled a case concerning my brother who formerly lived in California. Since I also lived out of state, it would have been very difficult and expensive to fly to California to resolve. I chose Mr. Blum due to the types of cases he handles. I really did not know what to expect but after our first conversation on the phone he seemed very professional and helpful. I gave him all my information and he informed me of the process involved as well as the time frames. Mr. Blum quickly and efficiently got the ball rolling and was very prompt in communicating after each court appearance he made. He went far beyond my expectations. He simply accomplished what he promised at the fee we discussed. I could not be more pleased with his professionalism and attention to detail. I would not hesitate to use him in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone. If you are looking for an attorney who is a straight shooter- give Ed Blum a call.

    Bill E.
  • Great attorney!!!

    Ed is a quiet man but don’t let his demeanor fool you. He made all of my court appearances for me (unless absolutely necessary) and in the end got my charges significantly reduced. A DUI is a very serious situation. I was very worried and am happy that I had Ed in my corner. He did an excellent job and I would confidently recommend him to anyone needing his services.

    Jeff K
  • Truly Could Not Be Happier

    I truly could not be happier with Mr. Blum’s service. He has done a great job defending me. And the thing that got me is that he really cares about really wanting to help. I have had other lawyers and they didn’t care to truly help, they just wanted to get more money out of me. I would recommend Edward to anyone that would need his services – which I have already done and he again did a great job on helping the person I sent to him.

  • Recommend Him with All My Heart

    Anyone reading this: do not hesitate to choose Edward Blum to be your lawyer.He will not only go out of this world to take care of your case, he will stick with you till the end no matter what. Because I was out of the country, he had to go back and forth to court for me for over two years all because of me but he never let me down and always encouraged me. He is not just a typical lawyer but like a real friend actually cares about you and not just the case. I recommend him with all my heart, guaranteed.

    Paris C.
  • Ed Blum got me exactly the results I was hoping for

    Mr. Blum is on the ball and seems well connected. He and his resources were invaluable in winning my case.

    DUI Client
  • Wow, the service was great

    This last week I needed an attorney in Los Angeles for an emergency situation impacting both my wife and myself. The situation is a little personal, but Attorney Blum not only went to the county for us (saving us a major hassle of driving at least 600 miles round trip), but kept me on his cell phone and even talked to supervisors to get the situation handled. He was very calm when dealing with the people, some that obviously didn’t know how to handle the situation and even ended up getting a supervisor to fix our situation. I was in the unique position of being able to hear how he handled most of it while I was on hold on his cell phone several times. In summary, he was professional, looked for ways to fix the situation and very easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to send my mother, sister, wife or father to him with any legal problem.

  • A+ defense attorney

    Ed Blum helped me come out of the darkest days of despair in my life. I had been partying in Hollywood, and all was on point, until I decided to drive home. I was pulled over, and what began as a great night turned into one of my worse nights. I did not know what to do, but found solace in meeting with Ed Blum. He is a very knowledgeable attorney, who related well to me and no doubt all his other clients. He is a A+ defense attorney!

  • Glad my google search led me to Ed

    Found Ed Blum by luck looking doing some googling. Was very straightforward and honest. Did not take advantage of me at all, which I got the sense a different lawyer I talked to was trying to. Ed told me what I could do just fine on my own, and I was glad I found him.

  • Happy to Recommend — solid, skilled, genuine

    Integrity… is so nice to find. Helping a friend with a matter before the LA court, we count ourselves very lucky to have found Ed Blum to represent. His genuine communication style, his comfort with and command of the law and court process, made the whole experience as stressless as possible… And with a positive outcome. We are grateful and sincerely recommend him.


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